“I’m moving to Boston”

These words surprised most who knew me.

I was working a good job, had nearly optimal living conditions, and was surrounded by family and friends of a lifetime.

But there was something not visible to the human eye.

The conviction of the Holy Spirit.

I began my walk with God at the age of 13. For the first 4 years of this journey, I whole-heartedly embraced the faith tradition practiced by many conservative Apostolic Christian members. I wanted every member to embrace it. With a desire to gain deeper understanding behind the practices, I began listening and reading material that discussed the doctrine and practices. One of influence was David Bercot, an early church historian.

While I found the material fascinating, it revealed cracks in my own life and thinking.

The 2 biggest questions that I’ve begun praying about, searching scripture for and discussing are:

  1. What was Jesus’ original design for His church?
  2. What does scripture teach a disciple of Christ is?

With these 2 questions burning on my heart I found it difficult to continue living life the way I always had.

In my mind I was trying to sort out which parts of my life were Christian and which parts were Apostolic Christian. In other words, if I’m going to be a disciple of Christ who disciples others what parts of my life are absolutely essential and nonnegotiable (Christian) and what parts were bound to an organization (Apostolic Christian Denomination)?

I wasn’t really sure how to resolve all of this except through faithful prayer for God to work in my life and continue to live out what I knew Christ would want to do in the place I was.

Transitioning for a moment to the career side of things. I had been working in the office for about 1.5 years for a small construction company. While I had originally decided against completing my CPA certification, which would require additional schooling, I began to reconsider the idea.

While I didn’t see myself using the certification in the imminent future, it seemed it would be a good credential to have should I want a change of jobs in 15 years. And if I was going to do the schooling and studying for it, I should do it now instead of later.

There were various options to consider. I could do a Masters of Accounting; however, I had met all the business credit requirements for the CPA certification. Therefore, I just needed 25 credits regardless of their discipline. Since I was working at a construction company, I considered some construction management courses. I also just thought about doing random courses that intrigued me (i.e. music). Or, I could do an MBA.

As all these ideas swirled around in my head, I received a newsletter from Sattler College and noticed a 1 year Biblical Studies program they offered. With the context I shared above, this instantly caught my attention.

An open-house for all interested parties was being held in December so I booked my flight to learn more. It was a wonderful experience. However, I learned they were not accredited yet which would be required in order for the credits to be used towards my CPA certification.

Depending on your biases you may be thinking – it’s a closed door, he should’ve given up here. Maybe I should’ve. That will become clearer in the day ahead. Others look and say, is it possible God had a different plan than you had?

As I prayed and agonized over what to do, I came to peace with the idea that it may not help me career wise. I believe strongly if we seek His Kingdom first, all other things will be added. In light of this, I was willing to put my career on hold that is what it took to grow in my faith and work through some of these questions.

Some may be wondering – couldn’t he have just stayed where he was? Why move?

It’s a great question.

I long to see bridges built amongst believers and experience the unity Jesus prays for in John 17. We lose a lot when we isolate ourselves from others who are seeking to follow Jesus. Coming to Boston allows me to learn beside those who have different experiences than I. Together our beliefs and convictions are sharpened.

I don’t know where I will end up in May. My only goal is to be faithful to God and give my life for His purposes. That could mean returning home or it may mean moving elsewhere. It may mean remaining an accountant or it may not.

When I come to end of my journey on Earth, I only want my last thoughts to be similar to those of Samuel Froehlich:

“I shall die, Lord my God. Mayest Thou keep Thy holy ones from temptation that is in the world, that they may not perish but abide in Thee, and give them eternal life. For the prince of this world is prepared with his whole power of darkness, and preachers of unrighteousness who seek to destroy Thy work, to mislead Thy elect. Thou knowest that I have not sought glory before men but only to further Thy glory and have declared Thy name before all, and have not been ashamed of Thee and have fought until this hour.”

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