I made it!

I landed in Boston approximately 7 PM EST on Friday, August 21st.

Sattler offers host families to any students who are interested. I signed up and was placed with Jeff Todd, a single brother. He picked me up from the airport and we had a great weekend together.

View from the Charles River Esplanade

While I wasn’t able to move in on Monday evening as was planned, I got to meet some students on the Esplanade for a great al fresco supper.

Tuesday evening came and I got to move in 🙂 My room is really spacious and I’m liking my view from the 4th floor!

On Thursday, after I had got settled in my dorm, I had the opportunity to help at a local food bank. A friend and I helped pack the truck at the pantry then drove to a local school to setup the distribution tables where people would come to get their bag of food.

Friday I played detective! They split the freshman class into 7 groups. We were given a list of places to go or things to do around Boston with each one worth certain amount of points. Three of my classmates and I were teamed up for the challenge. Below are a few snippets from our excursion!

While theres no cornfields to behold and few wide open spaces, I’m finding the city very beautiful. There are so many cultures represented in one place. And so many people who need to hear about King Jesus!

This week was the calm before the storm as I prepare to dive into classes next week!

You can choose courage or you can choose comfort but you cannot choose both.

Brene Brown

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