Our first day on campus was September 8th!! Here are a few snap shots of campus.

Student Lounge
Large Commons Area

Christian Doctrines
We began with asking ourselves “Why is doctrine or theology important?” We noted the negative connotations that “theology” tends to carry and discussed its positives.

We’ve discussed the doctrine of Scipture, the trinity (note: this term never appears in Scripture altho the concept is certainly there), church membership, and baptism. While I would love to dive into a discussion on each of these I think I’ll just leave a few questions for you to ponder based on class discussion and reading we did:

1) Is Scripture the infallible Words of God? Is it inerrant? Why is the Word of God considered inspired?

2) Muslims claim Christians believe in multiple Gods because of our trinitarian belief. How would you explain that God is 3 persons yet 1 God? (If interested further in this, check out this debate of an ex-muslim defending the Trinity)

2) Is church membership biblical? If so, what is the difference between the local congregation and the universal church? Does a Christian join the church or submit to the church? What is the responsibility of the church to the members? What is the responsibility of church members to the congregation?

3) What is the purpose of baptism? Is it necessary for salvation? How old should one be before being baptized? Is baptism in the new covenant equivalent to circumcision in the old covenant?

Fundamental Texts
This is probably my favorite class. My old covenant understanding is very poor and it has been so amazing to watch God’s story take shape. We began in Genesis and are working our way through toward the New Covenant. Currently we are up to Ezra.

A couple worshipful experiences I’ve had include:
1) Connection of Jesus and Joshua. Moses was unable to lead the Israelites into the promised land. Joshua took his place. Joshua is the same name for Jesus, meaning Salvation. Moses represents the old covenant and cannot get us into the promised land but Joshua (or Jesus) can!
2) Connection of Old Covenant feasts with New Covenant events
Leviticus 22 Feasts

  1. Passover/Unleavened Bread (Nisan 14)
  2. Firstfruits (Day after Sabbath after Nisan 14)
  3. Feast of Weeks: 50 days after firstfruits (Pentacost) 7*7+1
  4. Feast of Trumpets: First day of 7th month
  5. Day of Atonement/Cleansing: 10th day of 7th month
  6. Feast of Tabernacles/Ingathering: 15th day of 7th month

Matches history of Jesus

  1. Crucifixion
  2. Resurrection – first day of the week
  3. Holy Spirit descends
  4. Loud blast of trumpets
  5. Day of Cleansing – everything is made right
  6. All is gathered in to a feast to enjoy

We are on our third book. First, we read Inductive Bible Study which taught how to study scripture in a way you can take it in context and at its face value. I found it very insightful and hope to reread it in the future. Our second book was The Circle Maker which discussed the importance of prayer. It made me realize how small my prayers were and my tendency to limit God… if only we would ask more!!! Currently we are reading The Mission of God. It’s making the claim that missions did not start with the Great Commission in the Gospels; rather, it’s been at the center of God’s heart since creation.

Part of the class is learning good spiritual disciplines, such as journaling and consistent prayer for Spirit-inspired requests. Our professor published this helpful journal to aid in building those disciplines.

θεος εστιν καλος!

God is good! Learning the alphabet was fun as you can see above it is different than the English alphabet. Also, we are making progress towards reading small bits of scripture! The other day we got to act out John 1:19-23 when the Levites come to John asking who he is.

Expository Writing & Oral Communications
We are discussing the history of how education has been viewed including discussions from philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato. Some of our class discussion has been about what should education be and what issues are hinder effective education.


The walk to campus is about 20 minutes. Going through the Boston Public Gardens which has some beautiful flowers is always a day brightener! Also, there are some beautiful flowers in front of homes.

Sattler is all about discipleship. Therefore, each student is placed in a journey group. This is one of the things I’m most excited for. To kick it off, our group went to Mooyahs – the burgers were great as was getting to know my group members!

I had a wonderful evening of food and fellowship at my hosts place one evening. I enjoyed meeting an amazing Chinese couple who are first generation Christians! Hearing their testimony was very life giving.

God reminded us that He keeps His promises the other afternoon 🙂

I began a work-study position at the college as campus coordinator. Once or twice a week I stay on campus in the evenings and close up. One of my favorite views is the city at night!

Small numbers make no difference to God. There is nothing small if God is in it.

DL Moody

Also, I want to share a couple songs. I had never heard either. After a time of prayer with some students, we concluded with this song. In such a polarized nation, we long to “be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom we shine as lights in the world” Philippians 2:15

Lastly, here is a recording of when some students got together for an evening of singing. The lyrics comes from Psalm 25. As mentioned in my about me post, I’ve wrestled with shame. I love how Psalm 25 is a request to God to keep us from shame. This can only happen as we place ourselves in God’s hands and let Him grant us deliverance from the sin and brokenness that threatens to destroy us!

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  1. It’s been quite awhile since you wrote – probably you are quite busy, but would love to hear more about your life in Boston and at school!


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