Its been awhile!

Originally I had planned to post weekly, which quickly became once a month. You can see how that’s gone 🙂 Here is a snapshot into the life of Bennett the past two months. Only a week and a half left of classes this semester!


Christian Doctrines
What is a Christ-centered soteriology (study of the doctrine of salvation)? How do we define faith and the gospel? What does Paul mean by the law? Are faith and good works enemies?

What are the different atonement theories? How do each influence our view of God? How does each view impact the doctrine of justification?

What is Calvinism? How does it compare to Arminianism? What is at stake for God’s character in this debate? Is it possible for free will and Divine determinism to exist together?

How should state and church interact? What does history teach us when the two mingle? How does it affect the church’s witness? How does it impact the government?

Is the teaching of the headcovering relevant for today? Was it cultural or countercultural for Corinth? Is it referring to a fabric covering or to the woman’s hair?

How do we apply Jesus’ teaching of divorce and remarriage to relationships today? Is remarriage after divorce allowable in certain circumstances? How do you counsel a convert to Christianity who has been divorced and remarried?

Are gifts of the Spirit still active today? Or, were they simply for the Apostles? Why don’t miracles such as healings seem to be as prominent today?

What happens when we die? Do we go directly to heaven? Is there an intermediary period until we are resurrected? What is heaven?

Fundamental Texts
What is Divine accommodation? What is concordism? How does it impact the creation story? Why is it important to how we read scripture?

How do we know the Bible manuscripts can be trusted? Variances exists between manuscripts so how we do explain them? What are the most trustworthy manuscripts? Which manuscripts are used for various Bible translations?

Where did Paul travel on each missionary journey? What was the location and context in which he wrote his letters? What are major events from his journey?

What are principles of faithful Biblical interpretation? What hermeneutic do we use to discern the meaning of Scripture?


Just more vocab and greek grammar rules!

Since I don’t have that much to say here I thought I would let you listen to me reading the account on the last supper (τον εσχατον δειπνον) if you wish. My pronunciation is a work in progress 🙂

Expository Writing & Oral Communications

I just handed in my final research paper – what a relief to have that done! My thesis was why 21st Century American Christian College Students should be educated in both the secular and the sacred – it doesn’t have to be either or. College shouldn’t be simply about getting educated so you can get a better job. Rather, higher education can be used to gain a better understanding of church history and develop stronger spiritual disciplines.

My final speech will be on the above topic. The other speeches I gave include a persuasive speech that everyone should learn to play the piano, and an informative speech on the health benefits of getting enough sleep.


Most of you probably know my grandma passed away; hence my trip home. I’m really thankful for the time I had with family while home. You never know what a year, month or even a day will bring. It makes me more thankful for a God Who never changes!

This poem and picture are a reminder to let those precious to you know you love them often and enjoy every moment with them 🙂

And although all learning is of great value there is here again a certain priority. If you are interested in learning, certainly this is a fine quality, provided you turn your knowledge to Christ. If on the other hand, you love letters only for the sake of knowledge, you have not gone far enough.

Desiderius Erasmus

And a song! This is one we sang in Choir club called Calm Me, Lord. It’s been a comforting song in the midst of all the change life brings.

One thought on “Preparing for landing

  1. You don’t write often, but when you do, you write a lot! Enjoyed the – but I must say the first one was ‘just Greek’ to me! Nice poem and picture with your Grandma Mary- she is missed! Good to see all the pictures too. Thanks for writing!


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