I’ve been meaning to post something and now that the semester is almost over, I finally am getting around to it 🙂


I chose to switch it up a bit… this time it is video format!

If you are interested in chatting, I would be glad to schedule some time. You can do so here!


Highlights from the past two months:

  • Visiting Afghan restaurant
  • Walking along the ocean
  • Going home to see family
  • Getting together with my dormmates to share testimonies
  • Meeting with men from a Halfway House to discuss the Bible
  • Visiting Chinese grocery store

“And when you pray in the name of Christ, it means that you can prevail just as well as He could Himself, and receive just as much as God’s beloved Son would if He were to pray Himself for the same things.”

Charles Finney (1792-1875)

2 thoughts on “Reflections on Spring Semester

  1. Thanks for update Bennett, you are an inspiration! We occasionally fly some puppies to Boston so if it works out and I have a decent layover then maybe we can get some lunch sometime! Good luck with your new job!


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